Choice in Teachers' Inservice : Effects on Learning and Attitude

dc.contributor.authorDonielson, Susan J.
dc.descriptionvi, 132 leaves. Advisor: Marvin Fellersen
dc.description.abstractThe problem. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of teacher choice of an inservice treatment strategy on the teacher's attitude toward the instructional experience and the knowledye gained. Procedures. A control group (53) was assigned to one of three instructianal treatment strategies while the experimental group (89) was given a choice. The three instructional treatment strategies were (1) lecture, (2) discussion, and (3) self-instruction. Each subject was pre- and posttested on a knowledge test of the Des Moines Spelling Plan. Three attitude questions were asked of each subject at the time of the post-test. Findings. The subjects in the choice group did not score higher on a knowledge test than those who were assigned to the same strategy. The subjects in the choice group did have a more positive attitude about their learning experience than those who were assigned to the same strategy. Conclusions. Significant learning gains were made in all thrce inservice strateqies. There were no differences in learning among the strategies. Subjects in the choice groups in all three learning strategies were more positive about their learning experience. Recommendations. Further research is needed to: (1) Determine pre- and post-test impact on the learner's gained knowledge and choice of dellvery mode. (2) Refine developmental theory as it applies to practice so curriculum can be matched to various stages of adult developmchnt, (3) Help establish guidelines that link cognitive-developmental theory to instructional interventions. (4) Find methods of promoting teacher development toward higher ego, moral and conceptual levels. (5) Replicate this study in other locales with different subjects and options of inservlce treatment modes to determine if both learning and attitude can be improved.en
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dc.identifier.other1983 .D717
dc.publisherDrake Universityen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesDrake University, School of Graduate Studies;1983
dc.subjectTeachers--Training ofen
dc.subjectTeachers--In-service trainingen
dc.subjectTeachers' workshopsen
dc.titleChoice in Teachers' Inservice : Effects on Learning and Attitudeen
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