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  • "DNA shall prevail: Postconviction DNA evidence: An annotated bibliography 

    Sulzbach, Deborah E. (Haworth Press, Inc., 2006-06)
    This annotated bibliography is presented as a guide for attorneys, librarians, students, and the general public interested in postconviction DNA evidence. Part I presents a brief introduction to the history and use of ...
  • "Evidence-based librarianship: opportunity for law librarians?" 

    Lerdal, Susan Nissen (American Association of Law Libraries, 2006-01)
    Should librarians consult empirical research when making day-to-day operational decisions? Ms. Lerdal describes the concepts and methods of evidence-based librarianship, suggesting that this approach may provide ...
  • HeinOnline and Law Review Citation Patterns 

    Wallace, Karen L. (Law Library Journal, 2011-03)
    The authors tested the proposition that the ubiquity of HeinOnline in law libraries would alter law review citation patterns. Has HeinOnline’s provision of the full runs of law reviews in full text led to more citations ...