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  • Expression of Plant Receptor-Like Kinase Leucine Rich Repeat Regions in E. Coli 

    Corns, Andrea; Heffernen, Emily; Hubbard, Ara May; Macksey, Paula; Pigg, Kelsey; Platt, Andrew; Stieff, Maria; Tucci, Julia (2011-04-19)
    Plants respond to external stimuli through signal transduction pathways. An external signal binds the extracellular domain of a transmembrane receptor-like kinase (RLK) protein, and the signal is transmitted inside the ...
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Enamine- And Schiff-Base Metal Complexes 

    Denton, Kyle (2011-04-20)
    Enamine- and Schiff-Base metal complexes have shown the potential to be catalysts in oxidation reduction reactions. To model these potential catalytic abilities, acetylacetone and 2-acetyldimedone were used to prepare ...