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    • Complementary approaches to identify genes important for chromosome segregation 

      Bjorge, Ashley; Bryant, Andy; Lauer, Stephen; Levesque, Erin; Madsen, Rebecca; Meyer, Katy A.; Rimbey, Guy; Starkweather, Ashley; Verdick, Christopher; Watson, Bryan; Sleister, Heidi (2007-05-17)
      Faithful transmission of chromosomes during cell division is essential to the functioning of the eukaryotic cell. In humans, errors during chromosome segregation are correlated with diseases such as Down Syndrome and cancer. ...
    • Looking for indicators of imminent cardiovascular collapse 

      Anklam, Ashley; Dumke, Breanna; Mueller, Dana; Verdick, Christopher; Woodard, Meredith; Hopkins, James; Devey, Jennifer; Buising, Charisse; Henderson, LaRhee; Wall, Piper (2007-05-31)
      Various indicators are used as predictors of lifesaving intervention requirements and mortality risk following severe hemorrhage. We examined hemorrhage and resuscitation data for sensitive and specific indications of ...