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    • Isolation of Yeast Genes that Suppress the Chromosome Loss Defect of ysm's 22, 77, 83, and 84 

      Carter, Chelsea; Christie, Allen; Dicken, Matthew; Helget, Holly; Hong, Davy; Kim, Yun; Mazurek, Stefan; Michaels, Whitney; Nguyen, Lahn G.; Peterson, Whitney; Swehla, Kendra; Swenson, Jill; Thomas, Maggie; Tolliver, Clare; Wilt, Nicole (2009-04-21)
      Cancer cells display both chromosome rearrangements and abnormal numbers of chromosomes. High fidelity chromosome transmission requires the accuracy of multiple processes such as DNA replication, DNA repair, sister chromatid ...
    • Using Social Network Analysis As A Tool To Evaluate Medication Management In Ambulatory Care 

      Tolliver, Clare (2011-04-20)
      The goal of this project is to describe existing systems of medication management in ambulatory care using network analyses methods. This study will identify how network patterns may produce clues to how they link to ...