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    • "Identification of yeast genes important for chromosome transmission" 

      Leeson, Stephanie; Fatland, Sarah; Bellani, Denisa; Scolaro, Eric; Wood, Abby; Young, Chris; Sleister, Heidi (2006-05-05)
      Accurate transmission of chromosomes during cell division requires that chromosomes are fully replicated and free of damage prior to cell division. Furthermore, cellular processes that separate chromosomes must be functional. ...
    • Identifying Human Host Proteins That Interact With Influenza A Polymerase Proteins Using The Yeast Two-Hybrid System 

      Drew, Cassandra; Faganel, Peyton; Johnson, Bree; Kinzler, Carly; Madhan, Nayasha; Schmotter, Caleb; Tourville, Luke; Rose, Alec; Marshall, Kevin; Busch, Marc; Scully, Erin (2013-04-16)
      Influenza viruses are enveloped, single-stranded RNA viruses which cause 250,000 to 500,000 deaths per year. Understanding how influenza A viral proteins interact with human proteins is essential for identifying factors ...
    • Impairment of Figure-Ground and Shape Discrimination After Lesion of Nucleus Subpretectalis in Pigeons 

      Scully, Erin; Goodwin, Katie (2012-04-09)
      Our earlier research has shown that nucleus rotundus, a thalamic nucleus processing visual information in pigeons, together with its inhibitory complex, is differentially activated in birds performing figure-ground ...
    • "Implementation of a genetic screen to elucidate proteins important for chromosome transmission" 

      Bjordahl, Ryan; Davison, Rob; Hatz, Daniel; Kostelc, Kate; Larew, Robbie; Miller, Adam; Rusdianto, Eveline; Sawaya, Elizabeth; Sleister, Heidi (2006-06-07)
      The process of cell division is highly regulated in eukaryotic cells. Failure to transmit chromosomes accurately during cell division can result in cell death or abnormal growth (e.g., tumors). Proteins that associate in ...
    • Implicit Relational Learning in a Multiple-Object Tracking Task 

      Williamson, Tiffany; D'Alessio, Bailey (2012-04-10)
      We used multiple-object tracking task to examine whether contextual information presented in a background can facilitate tracking accuracy. College students were instructed to track either two or four out of eight objects ...
    • Implicit Relational Learning In Multiple-Object Tracking Task: Do People Really Track Objects? 

      Williams, Tiffany (2013-04-12)
      Earlier, we showed that multiple-object tracking task can be used to examine explicit relational learning. In this task, participants were instructed to track four out of eight objects and report at the end of the trial ...
    • In Vitro Characterization of Resveratrol-Loaded Pluronic Micelles 

      Stammet, Michelle M. (2010-04-21)
      Resveratrol (RES), a polyphenol has shown various biological activities but its use is hindered due to its hydrophobicity and short biological half-life. Biological studies require mega or frequent doses of RES to be ...
    • Inability to easily predict individual deaths in a hemorrhage and resuscitation model 

      Butler, Paul; Byers, Melissa; Wall, Piper; Devey, Jennifer; Hopkins, James; Henderson, LaRhee; Buising, Charisse (2007-05-31)
      While working on a hemorrhage with low-pressure stabilization protocol, we examined the possibility of identifying individual animals’ short term outcomes prior to occurrence using the hemorrhage patterns of variables ...
    • "Indole derivatives interact with DOPC in Langmuir monolayers" 

      Brozik, Melissa; Frazee, Erin; Bohorquez, Maria (2005-06-28)
      Molecular interactions between indole derivatives and 1,2-di-oleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (DOPC) were studied using a Nima Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) trough. A 0.25 M phosphate buffer sub-phase was used with a physiological ...
    • Influence of Exogenous PlGF on Apoptosis in the H9c2 Cardiomyoblast Cell Line 

      Alberts, Timothy; Kasinathan, Sivakanthan; Theis, Kaitlin (2010-04-28)
      Placenta growth factor (PlGF) is known to inhibit apoptosis in cells such as trophoblast or endothelial cells. Although PlGF is expressed in heart tissue in vivo and in vitro, little is known about its antiapoptotic effects ...
    • Inhibition of drug efflux by pluronics in S. cerevisiae 

      Diezi, Thomas; Ruggle, Brian; Pandit, Nivedita K.; Sleister, Heidi (2007-05-31)
      Overexpression of P-gp efflux pumps is believed to be responsible for multidrug resistance of mammalian cancer cells. Inhibition of these pumps is expected to increase the efficacy and decrease the toxicity of chemotherapeutic ...
    • Interactions of Miltefosine and Phospholipid DPPC at the Air/Water Interface 

      Wildgen, Sarah M. (2009-04-20)
      Several Langmuir monolayer studies have suggested that the drug Hexadecylphosphocholine (miltefosine) has a mode of action which is directly related to the cell membrane. Because the exact mode of action still unknown, ...
    • "Interview with Zijada Talic" 

      Perrault, Nicole (2010-04-19)
    • "Ion and albumin influence on measurement of metabolic debt" 

      Heck, Amber; Mueller, Dana; Woodard, Meredith; Lewis, Trisha; Waszgis, Michaela; Theisen-Toupal, Jesse; Sanders, Rachel; Matlack, Angela; Buising, Charisse; Henderson, LaRhee; Hopkins, James; Devey, Jennifer; Smoot, Dustin; Wall, Piper (2006-06-07)
      Alterations in Na+, Cl-, and albumin, if present and not accounted for, may lead one to false conclusions concerning perfusion status as indicated by base excess (BEtotal).
    • Ionization of Atomic Hydrogen in Strong Infrared Laser Fields 

      Abeln, Brant; Secor, Ethan; Weflen, Daniel; Grum-Grzhimailo, Alexei (2010-04-19)
      We have used the matrix iteration method of Nurhuda and Faisal (Phys. Rev. A 60 (1999) 3125) to treat ionization of atomic hydrogen by a strong laser pulse. After testing our predictions against a variety of previous ...
    • Ionization Of The Hydrogen Molecular Ion By Ultrashort Intense Elliptically Polarized Laser Radiation 

      DuToit, Ryan (2013-04-17)
      We report results for the single- and multi-photon ionization of the H2 + ion irradiated by ultrashort elliptically polarized laser pulses with central photon energies from the ionization threshold up to 300 eV. Using the ...
    • Is a National Policy for Paid Parental Leave Possible in the United States? 

      Harbour, Angela; Owens, Traci; Shultz, Rochelle; Weime, Nicolas (2015-05)
      The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was created in 1993 to address social and economic changes in the American family structure. This provision provided new parents with the opportunity to take up to twelve unpaid weeks ...
    • Isolation of yeast genes that suppress the chromosome loss defect of 'YAC stability in mitosis' mutants. 

      Ruggle, Brian; Rusdianto, Eveline; Sleister, Heidi (2007-05-17)
      The eukaryotic cell cycle and processes that maintain genome stability occur with high fidelity. Mutations in genes important for the structure, replication, repair, and/or segregation of chromosomes are correlated with ...
    • Isolation of Yeast Genes that Suppress the Chromosome Loss Defect of ysm's 22, 77, 83, and 84 

      Carter, Chelsea; Christie, Allen; Dicken, Matthew; Helget, Holly; Hong, Davy; Kim, Yun; Mazurek, Stefan; Michaels, Whitney; Nguyen, Lahn G.; Peterson, Whitney; Swehla, Kendra; Swenson, Jill; Thomas, Maggie; Tolliver, Clare; Wilt, Nicole (2009-04-21)
      Cancer cells display both chromosome rearrangements and abnormal numbers of chromosomes. High fidelity chromosome transmission requires the accuracy of multiple processes such as DNA replication, DNA repair, sister chromatid ...
    • "Issues with hypotensive stabilization following hemorrhage" 

      Matlack, Angela; Byers, Melissa; Scaletta, Amber; Lewis, Trisha; Waszgis, Michaela; Heck, Amber; Henderson, LaRhee; Theisen-Toupal, Jesse; Sanders, Rachel; Hopkins, James; Buising, Charisse; Meinders, Kandis; Wall, Piper (2006-06-07)
      We are investigating pharmacologic interruption of angiotensin II production (enalaprilat) combined with either 7.8% hypertonic saline dextran (HSD) or a hemoglobin based oxygen carrier (HBOC, Oxyglobin) as methods to ...