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    • Labor and Management Relations: Historical Perspectives and Current Trends 

      Degni, Eli K.; Johnson, Christopher T.; Sterbenz Filby, Christine L.; Stineman, Brian M. (2015-05)
      Over the last 125 years, labor unions and management in the United States have had working relationships that have ranged from positive to co-existence to adversarial. In recent decades, declines in union membership, ...
    • Learning and memory impairments in mice lacking the M2 subtype of muscarinic receptor 

      Bainbridge, Natalie K.; Koselke, Lisa R.; Jeon, Jongrye; Wess, Jurgen; Crawley, Jacqueline N.; Wrenn, Craige C. (2007-05-31)
      The neurotransmitter acetylcholine is an important modulator of cognitive functions such as learning, memory, and attention. These functions of acetylcholine are mediated by its binding to five distinct subtypes of muscarinic ...
    • Left Behind: An Evaluation of Mental Health Programming in Iowa 

      Jarnagin, Erica; McKinney, Zacharie; Scavo, Joseph; Scott, Aaron (Drake University, 2014)
      The State of Iowa has made momentous changes to programing for individuals with mental health needs. Despite all of the changes to date, there is still significant room for improvement, especially in areas of funding and ...
    • "Legal status of Palestine" 

      Giridhar, Kavitha (Drake University. College of Arts and Sciences. Departments of Social Sciences., 2006-04)
    • List Learning in Children 

      Rice, Anna L. (2009-04-28)
    • Living the Mission : How Drake Can Cultivate Morality in Students 

      Britton, Saundra; DeBruin, Kayla; Fiegen, Jane; Gilbert, Brad; Koppel, Nate; McClain, Dylan; Prakash, Shawn; Saunders, Alison; Schweitzer, Rebecca; Traficanti, Rachel; Twinem, Sarah (2007-06-04)
    • The Living Wage in Iowa: the Effects on Families and Businesses 

      Behr, Tracie; Driscoll, Molly; Erickson, Hans; Kaenkumchorn, Tanya; Pilz, Jeff (Drake University, 2013)
      This paper explores the cost of living in Iowa. The paper looks at nine communities throughout Iowa, both urban and rural, in calculating the cost of living in Iowa. This calculation is then used to determine what an ...
    • Looking for indicators of imminent cardiovascular collapse 

      Anklam, Ashley; Dumke, Breanna; Mueller, Dana; Verdick, Christopher; Woodard, Meredith; Hopkins, James; Devey, Jennifer; Buising, Charisse; Henderson, LaRhee; Wall, Piper (2007-05-31)
      Various indicators are used as predictors of lifesaving intervention requirements and mortality risk following severe hemorrhage. We examined hemorrhage and resuscitation data for sensitive and specific indications of ...
    • The Lost Ordinance: Creating a Viable Enforcement Plan for Apartment Recycling in the City of Des Moines 

      Akright, Danny; Alliss, Justin; Douglas, Jodi; Goodin, Julia; Hines, Chris (Drake University, 2014)
    • Malaria in Developing Countries : The Elusive Silent Killer 

      Adjei, Naomi; Yilma, Mariamawit (2010-04-28)
      Malaria is the most prevalent disease in Asia, Africa, Central and South America. Malaria is a serious, sometimes fatal disease caused by a parasite that is spread to humans through the bite of infected mosquitoes. The ...
    • Metallorganic Synthesis of A-Amino Acids 

      Secor, Ethan (2011-05-05)
      Amino acids are important biological compounds and useful chemical reagents in many chemistry applications. The ongoing investigation of the synthesis of α-amino acids was done via a metallorganic reaction of imines using ...
    • The Minimum Skew Rank of Simple Graphs to Strict Powers 

      Kerzner, Ethan; Tucker, Sarah (2010-05-10)
      Every simple graph can be represented by an adjacency matrix. The minimum skew rank of a graph is the smallest possible rank of all skew-symmetric matrices whose non-zero entries correspond to edges of the graph. Extensive ...
    • Mitigation Of Primate Crop Raiding In Gishwati Forest Reserve, Rwanda 

      Hess, Breanna; Hefferan, Danielle; Rupiper, Andrew (2013-04-25)
      Conservation efforts are sometimes undermined by human-animal conflicts near protected areas, such as wildlife raiding crops from local farms. Since 2007, crop raiding conflict has been observed between humans and non-human ...
    • Modeling Alzheimer’s disease in mice by selectively lesioning the cholinergic basal forebrain 

      Arter, Natalie; Wrenn, Craige C. (2007-06-01)
      One pathological feature of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the degeneration of the cholinergic basal forebrain (CBF). The importance of this degeneration in AD is suggested by the observation that the degree of CBF degeneration ...
    • Modified Shuttle Run Study of Three Different Cross-Training Shoes 

      Manske, Matia K.; James, Shaun D.; Klatt, Travis D.; Bumgarner, Michael R.; Fechner, Robert J. (2010-05-10)
      Background: Shuttle run-type exercises are used frequently in strength training programs. It is a movement that combines agility, strength and explosive movements as the person hops diagonally from point to point. The ...
    • Molecular Analysis of Isoflavonoid Genotoxicity 

      Walker, Greg; Verlinden, Nathan; Wrenn, Craige C. (2009-06-24)
      Overall objective of our research project is to analyze, at the molecular level, the genotoxic effects of genistein, the main isoflavonoid in soybeans. Due to their anti-oxidative properties, soy isoflavonoids have received ...
    • Molecular Analysis of the Effects of Resveratrol and Genistein on Signal Transduction in Cancer Cells 

      Hornick, Madeleine; Kang, Yutong (2011-04-20)
      The overall objective of our research project is to study the effects of Genistein and Resveratrol on cancer cell proliferation. Resveratrol, a stilbene found in high quantities in red grape skin, and Genistein, an ...
    • Monitoring microvascular blood flow during hemorrhage and resuscitation 

      Davidson, Natalie; Stewart, Jacqueline; Haskell, Kim; Hopkins, James; Devey, Jennifer; Buising, Charisse; Henderson, LaRhee; Wall, Piper (2007-06-01)
      Blood flow through the microvascular (arterioles, capillaries, venules) is critical to survival. Until recently, microvascular responses to cardiovascular events, such as hemorrhage and resuscitation, have been difficult ...
    • Music Education in Iowa Public Schools 

      Bhimanadham, Narmada Neerja; Choe, Justine; Huspen, Dina; Piper, Shari (2015-05)
      Our paper discusses the status of music education programs in Iowa public schools. Music programs are often the first to be cut when school districts have financial difficulties. Therefore, we conducted further research ...
    • Neuropil Distribution In The Anterior Cingulate And Primary Visual Cortex Of Cetartiodactyla, Primates, and Afrotheria 

      Nguyen, Amy; Patzke, Nina; Bitterman, Kathleen; Manger, Paul; Spocter, Mohammad (2014-04-17)
      Previous studies of the cerebral cortex have utilized the neuropil space as a proxy for connectivity, highlighting structural differences between cortical areas. The following study aims to investigate the distribution ...