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    • Behavioral Economics and the Demand for Insurance 

      Dietz, Haley E. (Drake Management Review, 2020-10)
      While neoclassical economic models have provided significant insight into policy and economic behavior, these models fail to take into account actual human behavior outside of what is defined as rational. These anomalies ...
    • Calculating Financial Accuracy Rates in Health Insurance Claims Audits 

      Gardner, Lisa A. (Drake Management Review, 2018)
      This article examines varying financial accuracy rate calculations, and, when working with rightskewed health claims amounts distributions, varying approaches to sampling and choices of stratifying variables. After ...
    • Investing in Innovation: An Insurance Carrier’s Guide to Insurtech Engagement 

      Ekholm, Jack; Ching, Paul; Thompson, Michael; Veeraphan, Dew (Drake Management Review, 2022-10)
      In a heavily digitized world of speed and convenience - where anyone can purchase groceries, hail a driver, and file their taxes from the comfort of home with just a few clicks or taps - consumers demand ease in everything ...