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    Copyright For The Rest Of Us: A Guide For People Who Aren’t Lawyers
    (Keyser, 2024-01-29) Keyser, Marcia W.
    For those who want to teach or learn more about American copyright law, Copyright For The Rest Of Us is the book to use. Eleven chapters, with illustrations, outline concepts such as basic copyright law, where to find it, and how to apply copyright law in many common situations. Each chapter includes a set of scenarios or discussion questions for use on your own or in class. Many chapters, such as “Music and Copyright” can be used on their own. Copyright For The Rest Of Us is licensed under a Creative Commons license, so students or instructors may read, download, or print no charge.
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    Monograph Validation Strategies in Shared Print Programs: Variations and Value
    (Collaborative Librarianship, 2016) Koch, Teresa; Welch, Andrew J.
    In 2013, the Central Iowa Collaborative Collections Initiative (CI-CCI) entered into a shared print monograph retention agreement which resulted in a project to fully validate the assigned retention commitments. While shared print retention programs are becoming increasingly common, they often do not include a process for verification of availability and condition of volumes. This article focuses on the validation aspect of the CI-CCI program and the rationale behind it, and examines how other print collaborative projects view and approach validation. Finally, the article concludes with a summary and an analysis of the value of this effort.
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    The Drake University Library: A Centennial Overview
    (Drake University, 1980-02) Jones, J. Elias
    Drake University's Professor of Librarianship and Foreign Languages, J. Elias Jones wrote this historical survey of the University Library largely inspired by the preparations for a year of celebration, marking the centenary of Drake's founding in 1881.
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    Annual Report 2013
    (Cowles Library, 2013-09) Cowles Library
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    Patron-Driven Acquisitions: Integrating Print Books With eBooks
    (Against the Grain/ALA, 2013-12) Koch, Teri; Welch, Andrew