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    Discovering homelessness: teaching, scholarship, and the real world
    (2005-05-11T13:35:39Z) Wright, R. Dean (Roy Dean)
    Annual Stalnaker Lecture Series at Drake University, focuses on the outcome of that grant, as well as the experiences both Wright and his students shared in searching out those in the Des Moines community who lived in shelters, on the streets, or in inadequate housing. The integration of teaching, learning, research and community involvement is stressed.
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    The Anglo-Indian community in contemporary India
    (1971) Wright, R. Dean (Roy Dean); Wright, Susan, E.
    The Anglo-Indian Community of today's India continues to face many of the problems familiar to past generations. They continue to exist as a discrete entity finding themselves threatened by nationalism and rising “All-India” feelings. Amid these overt threats they retain many, if not most, of the behavior patterns characteristic of their European ancestors. It appears that most of those remaining in India will, because of economic reasons; be forced to spend the duration of their lives within the country. As a result they have often attempted to adjust to realistic conditions, and find a place for themselves within the society of India, Some, on the other hand, have not been able to adjust. Consequently the continued existence of this community within the confines will undoubtedly manifest serious problems for both Anglo-Indians and other indigenous citizens of the country.