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    From the Pulpit to the Street: Sermons
    (Vinco Publications, Des Moines, Iowa, 2014-02) McCaw, John Emory
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    "The Role of the theological faculty in the universities of North American and Europe, 1957-1958: a survey and report"
    (Des Moines : Vinco Publications, 2004) McCaw, John E. (John Emory), 1917-
    This report on the survey of "The Role of the Theological Faculty in the Universities of North America and Europe, 1957-58", as informal and unscientific as it was, may still serve as a benchmark for a contemporary study of the "Role" nearly a half century later. Each institution studied may look at itself and see what has happened. Denominations may also see whether the university setting for at least part of ministerial training is pertinent. The difference between the study of religions and the training of clergy within a specific confession may be noticed in the contrast between yesterday and today. Now, such a study could be conducted electronically and would not require much, if any, travel. This report can also be mined for anecdotes which tell of the personal life and interestes of many who at one time were well known theologians as well as persons in other fields, few of whom yet survive. 1957-58 was also a time when decisions being made still ricochet into the present. As I studied my notes I amazed myself at some of the almost predictive observations I was led to make after visiting with persons who shared unusual and inclusive information. (text taken from author's preface)