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    Student perceptions of academic service and instructional quality over a four-year academic experience
    (Eastern Educational Research Association (U.S.), 2005) Westbrook, Thomas S.; Greiner, Keith; Saunders, Kevin
    This article reports the results of a study of student perceptions of expected and experienced academic service and instructional quality across 4 years of college enrollment. Results indicated a pattern of perceived change over 4 years with a significant difference between students’ expectations to experienced quality. The largest pre- to post- assessment change was a negative gap during the first semester in both academic service and instructional quality. Subscale scores revealed both positive and negative variations over the 4-year period. The findings suggested a continued support for linking in-class and out-of-class faculty and student development initiatives.
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    Academic service quality and instructional quality
    (National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience & Students in Transition, University of South Carolina,, 2002) Greiner, Keith; Westbrook, Thomas S.
    This article reports a study of the relationship between academic service quality and instructional quality in higher education. The study included 360 students enrolled in first-year biology course. Eighty-two percent of the participants were in the first semester of their college. Academic service was an adaptation of five business dimensions; instructional quality was measured by nine dimensions. The use of business dimensions suggested that the instructor/student relationship may be seen in the marketing context of an exchange between two parties. The study found a high correlation between academic service and instructional quality. Academic service quality overlapped instructional quality in three dimensions: enthusiasm, organization, and rapport. The findings suggest relationships exist at both an overall level and at subscale levels across a variety of demographic variables. The factor constructs of instructional quality are clearly distinguished from academic service quality, but there is an overlap in constructs describing interpersonal relationships. The study has major significance for the blending of academic and student personnel concerns in the academy. The authors recommend longterm studies of [8] relationships between expected and observed quality, long-term relationships between instruction and service quality, and adaptation of the instruments to distance-learning.
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    Employers' attitudes toward hiring persons with disabilities and vocational rehabilitation services
    (National Rehabilitation Association, 2000-10) Gilbride, Dennis D.; Stensrud, Robert; Ehlers, Connie; Evans, Eric; Peterson, Craig
    This article describes a study of employers' attitudes toward hiring people with disabilities and toward the state Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agency. The study examined attitudes of employers in two states, one in the Midwest and one in the Southeast. In all cases, en-~ployers were known to have hired people with disabilities and to have worked with the state VR agency. The study found that employers stated that they were glad they hired the person they did, but expressed reservations about hiring people with certain types of disabilities. Employers did not express a high degree of knowledge about the state VR program, and satisfaction with VR was mixed.