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  • "Genetic analysis of the human disease-causing gene ATM in yeast Tel1 and Mec1 mutants" 

    Renze, Anne; Sleister, Heidi (2006-06-07)
    Ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T) is a recessive human disorder characterized by hypersensitivity to radiation, elevated risk of cancer development, nervous degeneration, premature senescence, and immune deficiencies. A-T is ...
  • "Identification of yeast genes important for chromosome transmission" 

    Leeson, Stephanie; Fatland, Sarah; Bellani, Denisa; Scolaro, Eric; Wood, Abby; Young, Chris; Sleister, Heidi (2006-05-05)
    Accurate transmission of chromosomes during cell division requires that chromosomes are fully replicated and free of damage prior to cell division. Furthermore, cellular processes that separate chromosomes must be functional. ...