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    • "Chest skin and sublingual PCO2 during hemorrhage" 

      Hukee, Luke; Paul, Butler; Singh, Sid; Prakash, Shawn; Lewis, Trisha; Waszgis, Michaela; Heck, Amber; Bellani, Denisa; Sanders, Rachel; Matlack, Angela; Theisen-Toupal, Jesse; Hopkins, James; Henderson, LaRhee; Smoot, Dustin; Buising, Charisse; Wall, Piper (2006-06-05)
      Base deficit is an indicator for degree of metablic insult/oxygen debt from hemorrhage and is moratlity risk related in trauma patients. We investigated the use of less invasively available skin and sublingual partial ...
    • Comparing venous to arterial base deficit during hemorrhage and resuscitation 

      Prakash, Shawn; Singh, Sid; Stoeker, Laura; Casmaer, Carter; Wilcox, Jenna; Butler, Paul; Hopkins, James; Devey, Jennifer; Henderson, LaRhee; Buising, Charisse; Wall, Piper (2007-05-31)
      Arterial base deficit is used in assessing trauma patient oxygen debt, life saving intervention requirements, resuscitation adequacy, and mortality risk. Venous blood samples are simpler and less painful to obtain than ...
    • Living the Mission : How Drake Can Cultivate Morality in Students 

      Britton, Saundra; DeBruin, Kayla; Fiegen, Jane; Gilbert, Brad; Koppel, Nate; McClain, Dylan; Prakash, Shawn; Saunders, Alison; Schweitzer, Rebecca; Traficanti, Rachel; Twinem, Sarah (2007-06-04)