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    • Creating an object-oriented wireless network simulator 

      Nesheim, Skyler; Hoang, Luong (2007-05-17)
      Wireless routing protocols are currently among the most actively researched areas in computer science. There are hundreds of such protocols already established and even more under development. Wireless network simulators ...
    • Drake University Virtual Reality Project 

      Horvath, Ryan; McVey, Sean; Love, DeCarlos; Nesheim, Skyler (2007-05-31)
      The Drake University Virtual Reality Project is an ongoing endeavor with the primary goal of producing a working CAVE system, which is a virtual, immersive 3D theater. The Drake Virtual Reality Project utilizes low cost ...
    • Hierarchical routing using k-SPR 

      Nesheim, Skyler; Smith, Matt (2007-05-31)
      The goal of our research is to create an improved routing protocol for Ad-Hoc Wireless networking. We began our research by studying a protocol developed by two Drake students, Tiffany Meredith and Jennifer Ehrlich, which ...