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  • Classifying Networks For Network Coding 

    Manley, Eric D.; Janssen, William (MICS, 2011-04)
    Network coding is a relatively recent development in the realm of maximizing information transfer in communications and computer networks. Traditional networks operate by simply storing and forwarding data along. Network ...
  • Multicast Network Coded Flow In Grid Graphs 

    Manley, Eric D.; Gormley, John (MICS, 2014-04)
    Network coding, a relatively new paradigm for transmitting information through communication networks, allowing intermediate nodes in the network to combine data received on separate incoming channels before transmitting ...
  • On The Integral Coding Advantage In Unit Combination Networks 

    Manley, Eric D.; Holcomb, David; Grout, Jason; Hoyer, Alex (2012-09)
    Network coding is a networking paradigm which allows network nodes to combine different pieces of data at various steps in the transmission rather than simply copying and forwarding the data. Network coding has various ...