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    • Analysis Of Candidate Genes That Suppress Chromosome Loss In Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Mutants With Defects In Chromosome Transmission 

      Adjei, Naomi; Ellis, Alyssa; Feigenbutz, Lanie; Gwinn, Traci; Kolnik, Jim; Miller, Lindsey; Patel, Neel; Peterson, Kevin; Richardson, Alex; Setsodi, Christine; Michaels, Whitney (2011-04-15)
      Errors in the eukaryotic cell cycle and processes that maintain genome stability can result in abnormal chromosome number and structure (e.g., in humans- Down Syndrome, cancer). The common baker’s yeast S. cerevisiae is ...
    • Isolation of Yeast Genes that Suppress the Chromosome Loss Defect of ysm's 22, 77, 83, and 84 

      Carter, Chelsea; Christie, Allen; Dicken, Matthew; Helget, Holly; Hong, Davy; Kim, Yun; Mazurek, Stefan; Michaels, Whitney; Nguyen, Lahn G.; Peterson, Whitney; Swehla, Kendra; Swenson, Jill; Thomas, Maggie; Tolliver, Clare; Wilt, Nicole (2009-04-21)
      Cancer cells display both chromosome rearrangements and abnormal numbers of chromosomes. High fidelity chromosome transmission requires the accuracy of multiple processes such as DNA replication, DNA repair, sister chromatid ...