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    • HST Long Slit Spectroscopy of NGC 1068 and NGC 4151 

      Kreimeyer, Kory; Mirocha, Jordan; Leifeld, Julie (2009-04-22)
      NGC 1068 annd NGC 4151 are Seyfert Galaxies, the most common type of active galaxy, in which a luminous nucleus is powered by accretion onto a massive black hole at its center. Seyfert galaxies are known to exhibit high ...
    • Powerful Outflows in Seyfert Galaxies : Wind- Vs. Jet-Driven Models 

      Kreimeyer, Kory; Bergot, Deanna; Leifeld, Julie; Mirocha, Jordan (2010-04-19)
      Seyfert galaxies are active galaxies characterized by luminous outflows from a central super massive black hole. The outflow mechanism has not been fully determined, but the two primary competing systems are a wind-driven ...