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    • Can Ficus Sp. Forests Be Restored Through Vegetative Propagation? 

      Hefferan, Danielle; Hess, Breanna (2013-04-16)
      Gishwati forest lies within the Albertine Rift and contains great biodiversity. The forest, however, has been reduced in size because of post-genocide era habitat loss and agricultural expansion. Conservation efforts working ...
    • Mitigation Of Primate Crop Raiding In Gishwati Forest Reserve, Rwanda 

      Hess, Breanna; Hefferan, Danielle; Rupiper, Andrew (2013-04-25)
      Conservation efforts are sometimes undermined by human-animal conflicts near protected areas, such as wildlife raiding crops from local farms. Since 2007, crop raiding conflict has been observed between humans and non-human ...