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    • Gross tissue appearances following hemorrhage, low-pressure stabilization, and resuscitation 

      Hatz, Daniel; McCarty, Bryan M.; Hukee, Luke; Olson, Natalie; Slycord, Susan; Hopkins, James; Devey, Jennifer; Buising, Charisse; Wall, Piper; Henderson, LaRhee (2007-05-31)
      In a severe prolonged hemorrhage and resuscitation protocol, when do gross abnormalities become apparent? Hypothesis: Gross tissue abnormalities will be more obvious in those animals that survive longer. Methods: 8 ...
    • "Implementation of a genetic screen to elucidate proteins important for chromosome transmission" 

      Bjordahl, Ryan; Davison, Rob; Hatz, Daniel; Kostelc, Kate; Larew, Robbie; Miller, Adam; Rusdianto, Eveline; Sawaya, Elizabeth; Sleister, Heidi (2006-06-07)
      The process of cell division is highly regulated in eukaryotic cells. Failure to transmit chromosomes accurately during cell division can result in cell death or abnormal growth (e.g., tumors). Proteins that associate in ...