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    • Comparing venous to arterial base deficit during hemorrhage and resuscitation 

      Prakash, Shawn; Singh, Sid; Stoeker, Laura; Casmaer, Carter; Wilcox, Jenna; Butler, Paul; Hopkins, James; Devey, Jennifer; Henderson, LaRhee; Buising, Charisse; Wall, Piper (2007-05-31)
      Arterial base deficit is used in assessing trauma patient oxygen debt, life saving intervention requirements, resuscitation adequacy, and mortality risk. Venous blood samples are simpler and less painful to obtain than ...
    • Gross tissue appearances following hemorrhage, low-pressure stabilization, and resuscitation 

      Hatz, Daniel; McCarty, Bryan M.; Hukee, Luke; Olson, Natalie; Slycord, Susan; Hopkins, James; Devey, Jennifer; Buising, Charisse; Wall, Piper; Henderson, LaRhee (2007-05-31)
      In a severe prolonged hemorrhage and resuscitation protocol, when do gross abnormalities become apparent? Hypothesis: Gross tissue abnormalities will be more obvious in those animals that survive longer. Methods: 8 ...
    • Inability to easily predict individual deaths in a hemorrhage and resuscitation model 

      Butler, Paul; Byers, Melissa; Wall, Piper; Devey, Jennifer; Hopkins, James; Henderson, LaRhee; Buising, Charisse (2007-05-31)
      While working on a hemorrhage with low-pressure stabilization protocol, we examined the possibility of identifying individual animals’ short term outcomes prior to occurrence using the hemorrhage patterns of variables ...
    • "Ion and albumin influence on measurement of metabolic debt" 

      Heck, Amber; Mueller, Dana; Woodard, Meredith; Lewis, Trisha; Waszgis, Michaela; Theisen-Toupal, Jesse; Sanders, Rachel; Matlack, Angela; Buising, Charisse; Henderson, LaRhee; Hopkins, James; Devey, Jennifer; Smoot, Dustin; Wall, Piper (2006-06-07)
      Alterations in Na+, Cl-, and albumin, if present and not accounted for, may lead one to false conclusions concerning perfusion status as indicated by base excess (BEtotal).
    • Looking for indicators of imminent cardiovascular collapse 

      Anklam, Ashley; Dumke, Breanna; Mueller, Dana; Verdick, Christopher; Woodard, Meredith; Hopkins, James; Devey, Jennifer; Buising, Charisse; Henderson, LaRhee; Wall, Piper (2007-05-31)
      Various indicators are used as predictors of lifesaving intervention requirements and mortality risk following severe hemorrhage. We examined hemorrhage and resuscitation data for sensitive and specific indications of ...
    • Monitoring microvascular blood flow during hemorrhage and resuscitation 

      Davidson, Natalie; Stewart, Jacqueline; Haskell, Kim; Hopkins, James; Devey, Jennifer; Buising, Charisse; Henderson, LaRhee; Wall, Piper (2007-06-01)
      Blood flow through the microvascular (arterioles, capillaries, venules) is critical to survival. Until recently, microvascular responses to cardiovascular events, such as hemorrhage and resuscitation, have been difficult ...