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  • The Coming Managerial Class: Generation Z Women and Their Ethics 

    Luthy, Michael R.; Padgett, Barry L. (Drake Management Review, 2020-10)
    A seemingly endless series of high-profile incidents involving the actions of some prominent United States and European corporate and government individuals have occurred in recent years, weakening faith in leaders, ...
  • The Winds of Change: How Wind Energy Impacts Local Economies in Iowa 

    Cornett, Abigail (Drake Management Review, 2020-10)
    As renewable energy has become less costly over time, chiefly since the mid-2000s, the wind energy industry has been expanding rapidly. This is especially true in Iowa, which has become a leading producer of wind energy ...
  • Behavioral Economics and the Demand for Insurance 

    Dietz, Haley E. (Drake Management Review, 2020-10)
    While neoclassical economic models have provided significant insight into policy and economic behavior, these models fail to take into account actual human behavior outside of what is defined as rational. These anomalies ...
  • This Isn’t Your Parent’s TV Show…Oh Wait, It Is 

    Luse, Andy; Steelman, Sierra; Burkman, Jim (Drake Management Review, 2020-10)
    Popular conception holds that Millennials and Gen Z’ers do not like old stuff. Whether it be old games, books, technology, movies, or TV shows, the prevailing thought is that the younger generation prefers newer things. ...
  • Drake Neighborhood Oral History with Don Wine 

    Unknown author (Drake Neighborhood, 2010-11-07)

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