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    Leonard Good and Stanley Hess, An Emeritus Exhibition
    (Anderson Gallery, Drake University, 1997) Good, Leonard; Hess, Stanley; Rosson DeLong, Lea; Kane, Marie Louise
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    Educating For Social Impact: An Exploration Of The Pathways Of Public Service And Civic Engagement Framework
    (2024) Sedlacek Lee, Renee
    The central challenge of social impact education within higher education is the lack of a shared framework to unify language and practice across an institution. One framework gaining popularity among Community Engagement Professionals (CEPs) is the Pathways of Public Service and Civic Engagement. The purpose of this basic qualitative study was to explore how the Pathways framework supports CEPs in their ability to educate students for social impact and engaged citizenship. Twelve CEPs participated in this study and data were collected via semi-structured interviews and a participant questionnaire. Five themes and three sub-themes emerged from the data analysis: (1) Frames and organizes the work; Creating a shared language, (2) Expands access and perspectives on community engagement; Justifying paths that might not otherwise be acceptable and making community engagement accessible to a broader audience, (3) Prompts reflective learning, (4) Provides insights to student interests, and (5) Comes with a network of Resources & Support. Based on the findings of this study, the researcher concluded that the Pathways Framework is useful in unifying the language and practice of social impact across an institution. Implications, recommendations, and suggestions for future research are also presented.
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    Copyright For The Rest Of Us: A Guide For People Who Aren’t Lawyers
    (Keyser, 2024-01-29) Keyser, Marcia W.
    For those who want to teach or learn more about American copyright law, Copyright For The Rest Of Us is the book to use. Eleven chapters, with illustrations, outline concepts such as basic copyright law, where to find it, and how to apply copyright law in many common situations. Each chapter includes a set of scenarios or discussion questions for use on your own or in class. Many chapters, such as “Music and Copyright” can be used on their own. Copyright For The Rest Of Us is licensed under a Creative Commons license, so students or instructors may read, download, or print no charge.
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    Effective Cybersecurity Training Using Microlearning and the Drip Concept: A Case Study of a Large Regional Hospital
    (Drake Management Review, 2023-10) Le, Daisy; Matsuda, Cassidy; Pena, Sebastian; Platou, Ian; Olsen, Timothy
    Cybersecurity is a critical aspect of any business, with organizations investing in sophisticated software to protect sensitive data from potential hacks or breaches. However, human error remains the leading cause of security breaches. Most employees access the internet and email, exposing businesses to various risks. Businesses and organizations within all industries take action to mitigate this risk by providing cybersecurity training. For most, cybersecurity training takes the form of an annual 60-minute-long video training with a short quiz or acknowledgement for completion. This traditional format has been proven ineffective. In contrast, the drip concept employs a constant steam of information to educate and persuade. The concept comes from the practice of and ‘drip irrigation’ and ‘drip marketing’ whereby small drops of water provide constant nourishment to plants, or automated emails capture viewers attention. We propose that the use of microlearning and the drip concept will allow employees to become better educated on the topic of IT security. The microlearning technique, which involves repeating small bits of information over an extended period, has been proven effective through programs like Duolingo and Fitbit. In our paper, we explore the implementation of cybersecurity microlearning in the healthcare industry. We utilized two group interviews followed by a member check where our findings were confirmed with the informants. We found that microlearning was effective when combined with effective incentives, however several professional groups required specialized training and different engagement methods.
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    How the Internet of Things (IoT) is Adding Proactivity to Insurance
    (Drake Management Review, 2023-10) Afrank, Allyson; Bell, Matthew; Kennedy, Olivia; Upton, Jack; Yang, Mingdong
    In recent years, the insurance industry has seen a major shift in how data is used, specifically in the realm of risk prevention. Advancements in technology within the Internet of Things (IoT) have enabled more comprehensive data analysis, changing the way the industry views risk. This has led to an increased emphasis on solutions that are proactive, preventing risk as opposed to merely mitigating losses. Despite the industry being historically slow-moving and focused on response to risk, new offerings are now promoting prediction and prevention of risk. This report will explore the implementation of the Internet of Things into the insurance industry. First, the concepts of IoT and proactivity will be described. The state of the insurance industry will then be examined, followed by the culture of innovation within insurance companies and how it holds a significant role in driving the industry forward. A select overview of insurtech solutions that contribute to the theme of proactivity within IoT will be detailed. To follow, looming adoption issues will be addressed. Finally, the report will outline up-and-coming strategies in the industry, including the rising trends of integration and gamification.

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