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  • Implementing State Educational Policy in Iowa: Voices from the Field 

    Moore, Leslie Ann (Drake University, 2003-05)
    The problem: The problem of this qualitative policy implementation study was to describe and analyze what implementers understood as the intent of Iowa's Accountability for Student Learning Act as well as the processes and ...
  • Large Secondary Schools Respond to State Policy 

    Ratigan, Jody A. (Drake University, 2003-05)
    It is the purpose of this study to understand what happened in the implementation of Iowa’s 1998 education accountability law and to provide information to policymakers on how to improve their policy-making. This was one ...
  • Legislating Learning: What Happened in the Process? 

    Richardson, Carole J. (Drake University, 2003-05)
    The Problem: The intent of this qualitative research is to explore policymakers' perceptions of lowa's House File 2272 (1998), the Accountability for Student Learning Act, This study describes the policy process as it ...
  • The Prospects of State Directed Reform in Education 

    Wulf, Dennis (Drake University, 2004-07)
    The problem. To improve policymaking in Iowa, the intent of this study was to inform legislators and others in the policy process about the implementation of this state's accountability legislation. This study was one ...