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dc.contributor.authorNelson, Charles H.
dc.contributor.authorGreen, Richard
dc.contributor.authorBower, Gary
dc.contributor.authorGebhardt, Karl
dc.contributor.authorWeistrop, Donna
dc.descriptionPaper presented at Carnegie Observatories Centennial Symposium I - Coevolution of Black Holes and Galaxies, 20-25 October 2002, Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena, CA.en
dc.description.abstractBulge stellar velocity dispersions, sigma, in Seyfert 1 galaxies are combined with the M_bh -- sigma relation to validate reverberation mapping as a means of determining nuclear black hole masses. Seyfert galaxies follow the same relation as non-active galaxies, indicating that reverberation mapping is consistent with other methods. A similar result is obtained using new high resolution profiles of the [OIII] 5007 line for PG Quasars. Reconsidering the M_bulge - M_bh relation, we attempt to explain differences between Seyfert and non-active galaxies. We suggest that Seyfert bulges are systematically brighter than non-active galaxies, having lower M/L and younger stellar populations.en
dc.format.extent174876 bytes
dc.subjectSeyfert Galaxiesen
dc.title"Velocity Dispersion and Black Hole Mass in Seyfert 1 Galaxies"en

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