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  • Effects of Performing a Task on Gait Parameter 

    Leon, Elena E.; Knight, Kelsey L.; Barkley, Rachel M.; Reuter, Grant D. (2010-05-10)
    Background: When performing a second task, normal gait parameters are altered as compared to normal walking. Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of performing a task on gait parameters including ...
  • Shoe Material Effects on Foot Temperature During Treadmill Running 

    Poss, Erin M.; Austin, Brogan L.; Baumgardner, Gwendolyn J.; Budden, Nicholas M.; Campbell, Shauna-Kaye V.; Carlson, Samantha J.; Drake, Ty C.; Eckman, Guy M.; Lawrence, Kelly L.; Nelson, Holly M.; Barkley, Rachel M. (2011-04-19)
    Running shoes are made from a variety of materials such as leather or mesh. Material type and assembly likely impact on foot heat dynamics during running. The purpose of this study was to investigate how foot temperature ...
  • Sock Material And Warm-Up Effects On Foot Temperature During Treadmill Runing 

    Patel, Tej M.; Oestreich, Nicholas J.; Post, Mitchell L.; Ross, Brandon J.; Schmidt, Alyssa C.; Shelton, Brent T.; Smith, Julie E.; Stinson, Travis L.; Van Roekel, Nickolas; Barkley, Rachel M. (2011-04-19)
    Manufacturers market a variety of athletic socks to runners with varying claims of comfort and ergogenic properties. This study (approved by Drake IRB ID 2009-10088) investigated how foot temperature during running was ...
  • Solvent Effects on the Spectroscopy of Dyes 

    Barkley, Rachel M.; Hurley, Carly E.; Johnson, Ryan T.; Nkrumah-Agyeefi, Samuel; Wildgen, Sarah M. (2009-04-20)
    Linear solvation energy relationships (LSERs) were used to quantify the intermolecular interactions between solvents and two organic dyes - di-8-ANEPPS and RH-237. LSERs evaluate the sensitivity of a dye's wavelength of ...
  • Spectroscopic Characterization of Solvatochromic Dyes 

    Johnson, Ryan T.; Barkley, Rachel M.; Sarmiento, Zoila; Chavez, Carolina; Marquez, Alma; O'Brien, Hillary; Liedl, Heather; Hurley, Carly E.; Nkrumah-Agyeefi, Samuel (2010-05-10)
    Linear solvation energy relationships (LSERs) are used to quantify the intermolecular interactions between solvents and several organic dyes – di-8-ANEPPS, Coumarin 30, Coumarin 153, and 6-hydroxyflavone. LSERs evaluate ...