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  • On The Integral Coding Advantage In Unit Combination Networks 

    Manley, Eric D.; Holcomb, David; Grout, Jason; Hoyer, Alex (2012-09)
    Network coding is a networking paradigm which allows network nodes to combine different pieces of data at various steps in the transmission rather than simply copying and forwarding the data. Network coding has various ...
  • "On the Taketa bound for normally monomial p-groups of maximal class" 

    Keller, Thomas Michael; Ragan, Dustin; Tims, Geoffrey T. (Elsevier Science, 2004-07-15)
    A longstanding problem in the representation theory of finite solvable groups, sometimes called the Taketa problem, is to find strong bounds for the derived length dl(G) in terms of the number |cd(G)| of irreducible character ...
  • Selection Of Switching Sites In All-Optical Network Topology Design 

    Manley, Eric D.; Saha, Shivashis; Deogun, Jitender S. (PDCS, 2010-11)
    In this paper, we consider the problem of topology design for both unprotected and one-link protected all-optical networks. We investigate the problem of selecting switching sites to minimize total cost of the network. The ...
  • Video-Based Instruction For Introductory Computer Programming 

    Manley, Eric D.; Urness, Timothy (CCSC, 2014-05)
    Video replacement of in-­person lecture is finding its way into more and more computer science education settings such as inverted classrooms, massive open online courses, online/distance learning, and programming camps. ...