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  • Selection Of Switching Sites In All-Optical Network Topology Design 

    Manley, Eric D.; Saha, Shivashis; Deogun, Jitender S. (PDCS, 2010-11)
    In this paper, we consider the problem of topology design for both unprotected and one-link protected all-optical networks. We investigate the problem of selecting switching sites to minimize total cost of the network. The ...
  • "Sexual differentiation: From genes to gender" 

    Migeon, Claude J.; Wisniewski, Amy B. (S Karger AG (Basel, Switzerland), 1998)
    A person's sex can be considered across various levels. To illustrate, genes, hormones, and genitalia can all be considered physical markers of a person's sex. In addition to physical markers, behaviors such as gender role, ...
  • "Species traits as predictors of lepidopteran composition in restored and remnant tallgrass prairies" 

    Summerville, Keith S.; Conoan, Christopher J.; Steichen, Renae M. (Ecological Society of America, 2006)
    Restoration ecologists are increasingly turning to the development of trait-filter models, which predict how evolved traits limit species membership within assemblages depending on existing abiotic or biotic constraints, ...
  • "Velocity Dispersion and Black Hole Mass in Seyfert 1 Galaxies" 

    Nelson, Charles H.; Green, Richard; Bower, Gary; Gebhardt, Karl; Weistrop, Donna (2003)
    Bulge stellar velocity dispersions, sigma, in Seyfert 1 galaxies are combined with the M_bh -- sigma relation to validate reverberation mapping as a means of determining nuclear black hole masses. Seyfert galaxies follow ...
  • Video-Based Instruction For Introductory Computer Programming 

    Manley, Eric D.; Urness, Timothy (CCSC, 2014-05)
    Video replacement of in-­person lecture is finding its way into more and more computer science education settings such as inverted classrooms, massive open online courses, online/distance learning, and programming camps. ...