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  • Literary Influences on Charles Brockden Brown 

    Eyre, Julia Laughlin Janes (Drake University, 1968-08)
  • The Lived Experience of a Bone Marrow Transplant Survivor 

    Martin, Cheryl Blunck (Drake University, 1993-11)
    Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT) has progressed from an experimental therapy to a viable treatment for cancer. While the prospects for long-term survival following the procedure has increased, little is known about the ...
  • Living on the Edge of Tomorrow 

    Hunter, Linda Mason (Drake University, 1978)
  • Living the Mission : How Drake Can Cultivate Morality in Students 

    Britton, Saundra; DeBruin, Kayla; Fiegen, Jane; Gilbert, Brad; Koppel, Nate; McClain, Dylan; Prakash, Shawn; Saunders, Alison; Schweitzer, Rebecca; Traficanti, Rachel; Twinem, Sarah (2007-06-04)
  • The Living Wage in Iowa: the Effects on Families and Businesses 

    Behr, Tracie; Driscoll, Molly; Erickson, Hans; Kaenkumchorn, Tanya; Pilz, Jeff (Drake University, 2013)
    This paper explores the cost of living in Iowa. The paper looks at nine communities throughout Iowa, both urban and rural, in calculating the cost of living in Iowa. This calculation is then used to determine what an ...
  • Living With Men : A Novel 

    Riley, Mary Ann (Drake University, 1980-05)
    This is a work of fiction based uopn autobiographical materials. George Santayana said, "To embroider upon experience is not to bear false witness to oneself." It is a first person narrative with the general theme of ...
  • Locus of Control Orientation and Level of Pain in Postsurgical Patients 

    Sarcone, Julianne M. (Drake University, 1992-11)
    The purpose of this study was to investigate whether health locus of control accounted for differences in perception of pain relief in persons who had abdominal surgery and received epidural analgesia as a method to control ...
  • The Long Range Effects of a Title III Curriculum 

    Stiles, Bernita E. (Drake University, 1979-08)
    Questions to be Answered. 1. Is there any dIfference in the dropout rates evidanced at Highland Park and Butler elementary Schools in Fort Dodge, Iowa, since 1972 when the Positive Experience Program (PEP) was instituted ...
  • The Longitudinal Effects of Preschool on Rural Iowa Children 

    Koehler, Marilyn Joiner (Drake University, 1994)
    The purpose of the study was to determine whether students who participated in the preschool program for rural, four-year-olds differed significantly from other students of the same age who did not attend any formal early ...
  • Looking for indicators of imminent cardiovascular collapse 

    Anklam, Ashley; Dumke, Breanna; Mueller, Dana; Verdick, Christopher; Woodard, Meredith; Hopkins, James; Devey, Jennifer; Buising, Charisse; Henderson, LaRhee; Wall, Piper (2007-05-31)
    Various indicators are used as predictors of lifesaving intervention requirements and mortality risk following severe hemorrhage. We examined hemorrhage and resuscitation data for sensitive and specific indications of ...
  • Los Suenos en las Novelas "Marianela," "Fortunata y Jacinta," Y "Miau" de Benito Perez Galdos 

    Schrier, Leslie Lisbeth (Drake University, 1979-09)
    A close examination of the novels "Marianela," "Fortunata y Jacinta" and "Miau" by Benito Perez Galdos and a careful reading of a wide variety of secondary sources about this famous Spanish realist has revealed a few small ...
  • The Lost Ordinance: Creating a Viable Enforcement Plan for Apartment Recycling in the City of Des Moines 

    Akright, Danny; Alliss, Justin; Douglas, Jodi; Goodin, Julia; Hines, Chris (Drake University, 2014)
  • Low Complexity All-Optical Network Coder Architecture 

    Manley, Eric D. (ICNC, 2014-02)
    Network coding, a networking paradigm in which different pieces of data are coded together at various points along a transmission, has been proposed for providing a number of benefits to networks including increased ...
  • Maintenance of Swimming Pools in the Secondary Schools of Iowa 

    Bloomcamp, Patricia A. (Drake University, 1973-08)
    The problem. It was the purpose of this study to determine whether or not the Secondary Schools of Iowa were maintaining hygienically safe swimming pools. Procedure. After reviewing current professional literature, a ...
  • Maintenance of Weight Loss 

    Wesch, David (Drake University, 1978-08)
    The problem. Behavioral weight control programs have been successful in creating short-term weight losses for obese clients. When the client-therapist relationship is ended, clients quickly regain weight lost during ...
  • Malaria in Developing Countries : The Elusive Silent Killer 

    Adjei, Naomi; Yilma, Mariamawit (2010-04-28)
    Malaria is the most prevalent disease in Asia, Africa, Central and South America. Malaria is a serious, sometimes fatal disease caused by a parasite that is spread to humans through the bite of infected mosquitoes. The ...
  • The Man Who Knew Mary 

    Taylor, Donald Cloyd (Drake University, 1976-10)
    The novel, The Man Who Knew Mary, is a fancy of science and art. It is a novel of analogy and simulacrum, of coincidence and synchronicity. Beginning as an ethnobotanist, John Whitney, the central character through whose ...
  • Manual for Analysis and Research in Expressed Values 

    Reighard, Ronald LeRoy (Drake University, 1976-08)
    PROBLEM. The purpose of this study was to design a manual to serve as a guide to the use of the instrument for measuring expressed values--the Rubric for Expressed Values (REV III). With this manual, educators and other ...
  • Manual for High School Band Students 

    Gunn, Raymond L. (Drake University, 1955-08)